40-step process

Boost Your Local SEO

Boost Your Local SEO

40 Steps to Boost Your Local SEO

On-Page Elements

Optimized Title Tags

Optimized title tags concise with keywords for better ranking.

Structured URLs

SEO-friendly, simple, and clean URLs for better search ranking.

Meta Description

A keyword-optimized meta description with the correct length.

Optimized Images

Optimized images with the right image alternative attribute.

Optimized Meta Descriptions

Optimized and SEO driven meta descriptions and the appropriate length.

Optimized Navigation Menu

The user-friendly and indexable navigation menu to guide visitors.

Contact Us Page

Formatted Contact Us page with correct and consistent NAP of all locations.

Right Images

Selecting the right images for the pages with SEO optimized alt tags.

301 Redirects Setup

301 redirects setup to point traffic to the right pages.

Structured Data Markup

Improve SEO by adding schema markup to the website.

Consistent NAP

A reliable Business Name, Address, and Phone number across the Internet.

Outbound Links

Utilizing appropriate outbound links on the pages.

Googleize Your Business

Google provides a range of services to help businesses rank better on search engines, gather data, analyze data, and understand website traffic. We help you achieve the above goals and more.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Developing a mobile-friendly website to rank the site higher on Google.

Google My Business Listing (GMB)

Creating and Claiming (GMB) to stand out on Google.

Accurate GMB Data

A unified and consistent GMB (Google My Business) listing for users to select your business.

Getting Customers

Posting photos and offers to your profile to attract more customers.

Business Category Selection

Selecting the right category and subcategories to rank for your keywords.

Google Webmaster Setup

Tracking the site’s search performance overall.

Google Analytics Setup

Setting up Google Analytics to analyze the website’s data.

Easy Customer Access

Give your customers more ways to connect – by calling, messaging, or leaving reviews.

Customer Reviews

Getting customer reviews, responding to reviews, and managing the reviews are one of the most critical factors in the overall companies culture. The entire process helps improve your ranking.

Adding Local Reviews

Showcasing your business with local customer reviews and testimonials.

Adding More Reviews

More positive reviews to improve the overall rating of your business.

Review Monitoring/Responding

Building a strong relationship with your customers and improve ranking.

Analyzing Customers Connections

Analyzing how your customers engage with your Business Profile as they click, call, booking, and follow.

Building Business Directories

A business directory is an online list of businesses. A useful business directory should contain consistent data such as name, address, phone, location, or category. It’s one of the best ways local businesses can be found online.

Bing/Yahoo Listing

Listing on Bing & Yahoo to help your website generating more leads.

Apple Map Listing

Listing your business on Apple Maps for more visibility and more customers.

Yelp Listing

Listing your business on Yelp to enhance your website visibility.

Social Media Listing

Making your business visible to your customers and prospects.

Industry-Specific Listing

Listing on Geo or Industry-Specific Platforms to boost your ranking.

The Wider Web Directories

Building citation via blogs, press releases, maps, and more.

Major Directories Listing

A greater chance to be found on search engines and increase your web presence

Comparative Directories Analysis

Compare your listing with your competitors and list your business.

Backlinking & Effective Content

A backlink is a link one website receives from another website. Backlinks make a significant impact on a website’s domination in search engine results. As a result, backlinks are considered crucial for improving a website’s SEO ranking.

Building Quality Backlinks

Rank better on search engines with high-quality backlinks.

Duplicate Content Audit

Finding duplicate content on your website and create an action plan to remove or replace.

Content Creation

Creating original and thought-provoking content for your website.

Article Submission

Content and article ping/submission to major directories.

Building Local Citation

A local citation is any reference of a combination of your company name, phone number, address, zip or postal code, and website address. One of the most critical factors in SEO is Citations.

Creating Correct Citation

Creating and building the correct citation for your business.

Citation Audit

Audit your citation and remove any duplicates.

50-Directory Submission

Featuring on the top 50 directories for more ranking and traffic.

Specific Citation

Listing your business on industry-specific sites.

40 Steps to Boost Your Local SEO

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