How To Keep Your Website Secure

What Is Website Security?

Website security is the protection of personal and organizational public websites from cyberattacks.

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Use SSL Certificate | HTTPS protocol

SSL Certificate will keep your data safe and will also improve your search ranking. Google is rewarding websites that use SSL certificate.

How To Keep Your Website Secure

Select A Web Security Software

An effective web security will ensure that all web threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware, and hijack attempts are detected and eliminated.

How To Keep Your Website Secure

Keep Your Software and Plugins Updated

All software you’re using on your website need to be kept up to date. You need to update WordPress software, plugins, CMS, and anything else that requires an update.

How To Keep Your Website Secure

Backup Your Website

Backup your plan daily if you’re updating your website every day. Otherwise, a weekly backup plan is a must for any website.

How To Keep Your Website Secure

Selecting the right web company is essential for your online business. When this is done correctly, you end up with the right people handling the day-to-day duties, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Founder Sina Enayati